The Benefits of Under Floor Heating

RadiatorsThe Benefits of Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating (UFH) is becoming increasingly popular in homes throughout Europe and it is no wonder as its benefits for health, energy efficiency, visual appeal, space saving and cost effectiveness are vast.

Under floor heating is most commonly used in bathrooms but it is also a popular choice for extensions and conservatories or anywhere wall space is limited or there is a desire to maintain a high standard of visual appeal without wall mounted radiators spoiling the look.


How Under Floor Heating Works


Under floor heating has been used since Roman times as a central heating system.


Any type of gas fuelled boiler can be used to provide the heat for a UFH system. Pipes are usually run underneath the floor surface and the heat from the water passing through the pipes transfers directly into the floor.


A warm floor creates warm air convection and this in turn heats the surrounding living space. Under floor heating is an exceptionally straightforward but highly effective way of providing a comfortably warm indoor climate with an even distribution of heat.


Five Reasons to Choose an Under Floor Heating System for your Home


There are many benefits associated with Under Floor Heating and these include:


1. Comfort

Heat radiating from the floor upwards is far more evenly distributed than heat that emanates from wall mounted radiators. Heat from wall mounted radiators is confined to a small area and rises upwards. This means that the warmer air stays around head height which does not tend to create the most comfortable feeling. Additionally, compared to traditional radiator systems there are no irritating noises arising from expanding and contracting pipes.


2. Cost effectiveness and energy efficiency

Under floor heating systems can give you a 15-40% energy saving over traditional heating methods.


3. Health

Under floor heating helps to keep moisture content levels low which means that house dust mites can be reduced. This will benefit anyone with asthma or breathing difficulties or any other allergies.


4. Ease of control

With a UFH system, the temperature of each room can be controlled individually. Being able to adjust temperature settings in each room of the house is a major benefit for any family.


5. Space and Aesthetics

Under floor heating saves space and offers heightened visual appeal in a home by eliminating the need for wall mounted radiators. Additionally, wet floors dry more quickly and décor is maintained due to a lack of damp walls.


If you are re-thinking your home heating system, refurbishing a room or adding an extension or conservatory to your property then you should give serious consideration to installing an under floor heating system as opposed to a traditional wall mounted radiator central heating system; the benefits are many!

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Drains and Radiators – a Vital Influence on Your Time, Energy and Success

RadiatorsDrains and Radiators – a Vital Influence on Your Time, Energy and Success

Drains and Radiators – Productivity, Energy, Self-belief – they’re all Affected by the balance of Drains and Radiators in Your Life

Here’s some common and sound advice you may already have heard: there are two kinds of people – drains and radiators. Get rid of the drains in your life and find more radiators.

But how do you recognise the drains – and what do you do if they are a part of your life? And – (horror!) what if there are times when you act as a drain yourself?


Radiators first. Radiators are the people who put the life into the saying ’smile and the world smiles with you.’ Radiators are infectious. They naturally make people feel good about themselves. They radiate their energy and enthusiasm like rays from the sun. They are inquisitive and playful but focused too. They have a cup half full mentality.


The Drains are those people in your life who one way or another leave you feeling diminished after you’ve been with them. You know the feeling – you started off a conversation bright and positive and you came out of it dull, negative and frustrated, or maybe unexplainably cranky and irritable.

If you want to achieve below your potential, think badly of yourself and everyone else, and look for the cloud in every silver lining, the answer is easy, just surround yourself with Drains.

The sad things about Drains are that; a) they don’t realise they’re a Drain; b) they don’t actually gain the energy that gets drained away from their victims; and c) they drain their own energy too.

Here are a few of the more common draining strategies:

They put you on the defensive – for instance, right at the start of your meeting they’ll criticise something you’ve either done or haven’t done. This is a tactic that’s frequently employed by the ones you love most. And you will often feel a sense of dread and guilt just from thinking about talking with these people.
They include you as one of their failure group – this is the kind of inclusion we can all do with out.
They point out the pitfalls and dangers of following your dreams and aspirations. It’s a great way of killing your enthusiasm stone dead. Although this kind of ‘advice’ always seems to be given with the best of intentions, I’d argue that your success would be a real threat to the Drain’s comfortable acceptance of their own victim status.
They demand one-way attention – and then drone on about topics that are of little interest to anyone but the Drain.
They top your problems with worse ones (usually their own) – and top your achievements with better ones (usually someone else’s). When all you needed was to be heard and acknowledged, did you really think you’d get it from a Drain? No chance.

The chances are that you do have Drains in your life. Your first lines of defence are definitely recognition and awareness. If the drain is someone with whom you can easily minimise contact then recognition is probably all you need.

If you monitor your energy levels, your self-esteem and your negative emotions you’ll soon figure out who the drains are. If you want more data, then monitor how you feel when you are planning to see them. Once you begin to look it becomes very obvious – so obvious you’ll wonder how you never spotted it before.

Awareness is useful when you have to be, or want to be in contact with the Drain, for instance, someone you love deeply like a parent or sibling. Spotting their favoured strategies is vital. Once you understand them, you may wish to try some of the following approaches. You’ll need to be patient and careful but over time you can make a real difference:

Give yourself some armour against their weapons. How? By first understanding their effect and then steeling yourself against them. Attitude is everything here: you can simply refuse to be drained.
Turn your encounters into a humorous game. Again Attitude is important. Wait try to start the drainage, and have fun with the process.
They refuse to play their game or accept their terms of appointment. This may take some tact and patience, especially if drainage is a loved one. But the knowledge to change their typical response – regular or prevention strategies, it is possible to reform the relationship with a more positive light.

Finally, remember that you also have the responsibility not to empty the other. Notdrainage or drained.

Fill your life with all the positive thoughts and energy that was one of the radiators. It's actually a very simple strategy for life – but extremely powerful.

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Charmglow Electric Fireplaces

RadiatorsCharmglow Electric Fireplaces

Charmglow Electric fireplaces are sure to see when you are looking for the fireplace you want. It is not just decoration for your room, which are also great to give that instant heat into the room on a cold winter day.

They come at affordable prices for all budgets and are available in a variety of styles for you choose. The most important thing for you to think about before choosing the one that wants to make sureis a power outlet nearby to plug in your home.

Charmglow electric fireplaces are installed with a holographic image and the click of a switch, there is an investigation of the flame of real life, ideal for a fantastic effect, even if the room can not be that cold.

If you do not need the image of flames, just use the heat in its place. The fire is installed with a 1500 watt fan heater, and once lit, it heats the room very well. Usbecause it uses a fan to control heat these houses are great because you do not need air intakes, so no messy installation work.

It does not need installation work is messy to buy a house there is another advantage Charmglow. For example, if a summer night you feel you want a fire, but really do not need heat at the touch of a switch can ignite the flame. They add a nice warm color of theroom.

The beauty of Charmglow electric fireplaces is that they are easy to move from room to room, as it weighs only 42 pounds. As mentioned above, there is no interruption in any disordered structure and, above all, low maintenance are just a quick wipe with a dry cloth.

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Order online bathroom tiles

RadiatorsOrder online bathroom tiles

How many people do you think would be a good idea to get the cards online? This is just one of the sources to consider when looking for the best place to ensure your bathroom tiles and how you will receive when ordered.

Magazines and books

A good starting point before you reach your bathroom tiles with magazines and books online. Here you will find many valuable and suppliers to choose from when looking at bathroom tilesOn-line. Because almost all now have a catalog or visit the website to make life ten times easier when you do not want to buy the parts you want. It is expected that the sizes, shapes, colors and prices when you are looking through them and try to determine if the tiles that will go with. It contains information on titles and things like shipping information, when you start looking at books and websitesprovide better information in general.

Go to store

It will not hurt to go really in a home improvement store and see what they are buying. You can still buy online, if you want, especially if the discounts are involved. It is likely to want to feel the texture and get a feel for what it is, who will participate in which the card will be. Remember that much time, so make sure you areinformed and aware of what you get before you purchase cards and delivery.

Ask for help

Do not be afraid to go to other sources and ask for help when you are trying to change or install bathroom tiles. In many cases it will be useful if you simply ask the opinion of an expert or to consult other sources and try to understand what works the best in the bathroom. And 'certainly your bathroom, but do not want a tiledo not get wet or will not be able to withstand daily wear and tear on your bathroom.

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Bathroom And Shower Room Wall Tiling Tips

RadiatorsBathroom And Shower Room Wall Tiling Tips

Having a tiled bathroom again?

The following article is a response to all those who are actually considering having new tiling for the first time to go and for those of you who want to do a decent job.

Read on and you can save a lot of anguish and despair (and a bit 'of money too).

Now when I go to is very often the price of a tiling job that I have to advise people about problems in the execution of work. Hot spots are typical:

equipped with showers
shower trays and bathroom with over-the space between them and the walls
Shower trays lip is not set
Shower / incorrect height controls
radiators, towel, basin already fitted, bathroom and keep up with the bread
old tiles still in place after installation of a new series

How can interfere points above the tiles, you may ask. Well, is as follows:

"Out of the bath level"

One of the first things I do when Istarting the installation of tile bathroom wall, is to put my spirit level and along the entire perimeter of the bathroom. What I found is often the bathroom is very level, sometimes falls into the hole at the chance to fall more and less in front of the hole in the lid. Of all the bathrooms I've seen so far I have not seen a bathroom that was not a natural fall of the house to drain the water, so I see no compelling reason for the upper pool level. It should beHe said, however, that sometimes, some baths are simply badly built. Not much thought was given to keep the tiles

If the tiles are installing a medium-large and have a solid model is not a problem for the tiler. He / she just needs to cut the tiles in the fall, but if the level is too far away may have problems when installing a display of bath / shower in the pool.

If you install another mosaic or tiles withThe continuous lines or patterns, the tiles will be terrible that even the smallest difference in the tank will be much longer evident. When it comes to tile, cuts, more time and money.


I find it important to have the chips to go behind the camera, as this can avoid water penetration into the wall / s. Partly cloudy and hot and cold pipes covered with a plate. This type of tile shower unit must be done before the unit is equipped with the tile can bewell drilled to accommodate pipes, otherwise the pieces are cut so that it displays an ugly end. If the plumber is a new shower should ask him / her to allow the tube that protrudes from the wall than necessary, and allow the tiles to go before the final cut. I've had situations where you have installed the shower, without even allowing the thickness of the slab between the plates of the roof and the wall.

Shower trays "andBathroom with too much space "

When installing baths or trays make sure you have very little distance from them to the walls, otherwise you might end up with silicone or have too much to install a bath pillow. I am not in favor of the tiling bath / shower or pearls as I have found the baths and trays can move downwards, causing the court to separate the water and allowing capillary action to draw on the walls. If you find that the bath or tray is not installed properly on the wall, it is likelythis is due to the wall at right angles are not square to each other or against the wall bulging. And 'common practice to read a bit' in the bath / tray in the wall, enough to fill the void. This also helps to "hold" the bath / tray in place. Many times just a wall of the channel. After the inner corner of the wall is not square. Again, just put the tray against the wall until the gap closes. Be careful not to enter the bathroom too, as it is possible thatproblem with the distance from the taps on a wall, preventing the transparent access to open and close. Also, pay attention to the bar shower, as if it is inserted, you may have problems following installation screen.

"No Lip trays shower together"

Shower trays are lips are back and sides of two or more.

These courses are required to hold water in the tray and prevent leakage of water in the adjacent walls. In theory, this isvery well, but I noticed a series of tile repairs due to this type of tray. The reason why there have been some problems with this type of recording is poor plumbing. Sometimes, the plate was placed against the wall (not recessed into the wall). Other times, the installer does not properly monitor the plateau on the walls. I noticed that in general there is considerable lateral movement once you step on board the installation of the tiles. This makes the traylip right to move (from inside to outside) in the direction of the tile and in the process of detachment from the first row of tiles and once in water, allowing to penetrate the wall, so the problems. The only way that I have no problem with this type of advice is make sure the tray is placed on the wall above the lateral movement allows. Be careful not to go too deep into the wall as the screen could not fit inside the tray.

"Shower / controls the wrong height"

A commonproblem can be avoided is the introduction of showers controls the height of the walls. Since it is important for the user in control of a situation at the right height is the height of the neglected edge of the tiles. If there is no border, no problem, but if you install a tile edge, then get the tiler to communicate with the plumber who does not want to ruin the border to be interrupted by the controls. If the edge is thicker than the tiles and then you canhave more problems with the control’s cover plates not seating flush, also if the border is thicker than the tiles the tiler will need to know where the shower/bath screen will be going exactly as that part of the border where the screen will cover must not be tiled or the screen won’t seat flush.

“Radiators, towel rail, basin already fitted, toilet pan height and servicing”

On situations where basin, towel rail radiators and toilet are fitted, this is where a lot of time will need to be spent as it (unless removed) will require to cut around these items (if possible). Here if planned in advance the tiling would need to be carried out BEFORE the final plumbing installation. Reality is that many plumbers want to get in and out as soon as possible not worrying about the tiling (after all, they are not doing it, are they!). If you are going to have the floor tiled then you MUST have the basin (pedestal), toilet pan and any surface mounted radiator OFF the floor and the plumbing already prepared for the new floor height. If the existing floor is made of wood, then there is a big chance that the floor will go up around 1″ – about 25 mm but can only be assessed during the estimate or quote.

“Old tiles still in place after having a new suite installed”

This is another thing overlooked.

You have planned your project for a long time, the workers get in to replace the old bathroom suite with the one you really wanted for a long time. They remove the first row of tiles abutting the old suite and install the new one. Job done.

It is beyond belief that some people can do this. “The tiler can take the tiles off”.

It must be appreciated that removing tiles after a new bathroom suite has been installed is no easy task and the risk of damage to it can be considerable. Also, at times, some sections of walls may need to be replaced or repaired according to the surface type and adhesive strength. Make sure that the tiles ARE removed prior to the new installation.

The same applies to kitchen installations.

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